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Seasons Greeting Message from President

Posted almost 6 years ago by My PA Admin

I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all our members.

Looking back at the past year we all can say that our accomplishments as Physician Assistants are real. We are named one of the fastest growing profession by Forbes magazine.The number of new applicants for PA Programs among students growing exponentially. It became as desirable, competitive and prestigious as a medical school.

As a profession, we became an important part of providing  health care to our citizens. We uniquely positioned ourselves across the board, practicing medicine in all possible fields. Many of us practice medicine in autonomy, taking care of patients on a day to day basis. Most of us working in collaboration with Physicians. In our field we work with Plastic Surgeons hand in hand and this union proved to be inseparable, productive and healthy. There are more and more surgeons aware of the need and benefits to have a PA by their side-we offer them our experience, stability, love for this field and financial incentive. There are still plenty of Plastic Surgeons that need to be introduced to an idea of having PA's added to their practice. Educating Plastic Surgeons would help newly graduated PA's to land a job in our field. As experienced PA's we all can contribute to spreading a word of knowledge to Surgeons about benefits of hiring a PA for their practice. Those of us that have been working with their Surgeons for a long time know that we look at the practice as Our practice.

Year after year our Association grows bigger and stronger. We all share our love and enthusiasm for profession and this exciting field. Every year more PA's get interested in plastic surgery and join us for a reason. I would like to ask each member to remember why we joined our Association and I am sure those reasons have great ideas for us to implement. I am looking forward to hear from all our members, your comments, ideas, thoughts are important to us. I wish to everyone of us health, success, prosperity, peace and happiness. May next year give us strength and desire for more accomplishments.

Yours truly, APSPA President, Inessa Shlifer.