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From a Student’s Point of View

Posted almost 6 years ago by My PA Admin

By Jordan Garner-Roberts, PA-S (2013)

When many people think of plastic surgery, the immediate image that comes to mind is that of cosmetic procedures. The reality is that Physician Assistants who work in plastic and reconstructive surgery work in many different settings. As a student, it is a very exciting field to be a part of because of the many different subspecialties, including burn reconstruction, trauma and congenital deformities, oncology, and of course, cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery.

Knowing that you want to do plastics as a PA student helps you to focus your studies in anatomy, physiology, physical assessment, and clinical medicine, as you know that this knowledge will be called upon each day in practice. Because PA’s in plastic surgery work in a variety of settings, the options after graduation are not confined to one organ system or area of medicine, such as office or hospital, inpatient or outpatient, or even geographically, like a rural or big-city setting.