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Happy International Women’s Day!

Posted over 4 years ago by Inessa Shlifer


  Dear women colleagues. I would like to congratulate you with this beautiful interanational women’s day!  This is a great tradition that began 108 years ago. That marked a milestone of recognition for women’s rights being equal with men. Fast forwarding to present time we celebrate great achievements of every woman around the world.  In medicine, we became an important part of delivering care to our patients.

   This holiday also celebrates us as wife’s and mothers, a role that we have been mastering for centuries. As professionals we  balance our time between work and family. As devoted Mother’s we raise our children and teach them to how to deal with challenges of life, and how to succeed.  We keep our family together and spend quality time with each member. It’s not always easy, but our inner wisdom helps us to achieve that.

  Let’s mark this holiday on our calendars and celebrate it.

Happy International Women’s Day!