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APSPA at ASPS Update

Posted over 5 years ago by Kristen Daniels

In attending the ASPS board meeting at Plastic Surgery The Meeting in Chicago from September 27-October 1, 2018, it was wonderful to hear that most plastic surgeons are in favor of the advanced practice provider's role within their practice. They are working toward formulating a consistent response to state legislative proposals that would discourage surgical procedures, including chemical peels, lasers, and injectables, by non-medically trained individuals such as aestheticians and naturopaths. They plan to reach out to the AMA and the ACS to create a clause that is inclusive of PAs and nurse practitioners within a surgical practice. 
On behalf of AAPA, Ann Davis and Michael Powe gave a very informative presentation to attendees entitled "PA Utilization in Plastic Surgery: Rules, Revenue, and ROI." They did an exceptional job explaining the scope of the PA profession and promoting maximal utilization of PA's in our field. They addressed billing topics such as "incident to", "split-shared", and the 85% PA reimbursement vs. 100% for surgeons in some states. This talk was well-received by plastic surgeons and created numerous questions and interactions between the speakers and attendees. We are so grateful for Ann and Micheal's time and willingness to share their knowledge and we look forward to continued collaboration with AAPA in the future.
We want to thank our members for being a wonderful part of the plastic surgery team! Happy PA week!
-Kristina Marsack, PA-C
AAPA Medical Liaison to the ASPS


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