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The 2023 salary survey is here!!!

Posted 6 months ago

The APSPA board of directors is excited to announce this year's salary survey!  We have worked with our statistician to refine the previous survey based on feedback we received.  In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, we feel that it is important to continue to tailor our salary survey to meet the needs of our members.  We are glad to hear that so many of you have found the survey useful in negotiating salaries, benefits, bonuses and for some helping to create a new position from scratch.  We expect this year's survey to take about 5 minutes to complete.  Please reach out with any questions or comments.  We will compile the data received between now and Sunday April 16, 2023.  Feel free to share the survey with other PAs in plastic surgery.  Remember, in order to view the results you must be a member of APSPA.  If you are not already a member, head over to the membership section to learn about which option is best for you!  An added bonus this year, our statistician will be giving a presentation of the data collected and will answer any questions that members have.  While many of our past educational seminars have been open to everyone, the review of the salary survey will be for members only.  We look forward to seeing how things have changed over the last 2 years! 

Click the link below to begin the survey:



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