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Welcome to our new website

Posted over 5 years ago by Inessa Shlifer

  I would like to personally thank all our members that decided to continue their membership with our Association and welcome our new members. At the age of social media and a growing need to interact with other professionals, we felt that it was time for us to change our website platform provider and go with myPANetwork. The new website still has familiar look, but functionality has changed and we now have more interactions with PA’s across specialties and sub specialties. The website is being maintained by professional webmaster, Dan Cohen and he is dedicated to stay with us, help us with getting around our website and most important, to get connected with other associations and PA’s across the isles.

  I would like to invite all members to participate in making our website interactive, interesting and beneficial to all of us. It’s we, who ultimately put our time, knowledge and effort to keep our it current and offer materials to our members that relevant to their practices and businesses. I am sure we have members that are talented writers and can provide interesting articles about plastic surgery cases, teach procedures and talk about unique patients experiences.

  We have a lot of young PA’s that very savvy with social media and can be instrumental in making us visible to all PA’s practicing in Plastic Surgery. 

  We have AAPA Conference that will be held in New Orleans. We would like to invite everyone who will be attending this conference to our APSPA Social Event in May 21st, 2018th 5:00-6:00pm at Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel. We always have a great time, share our experiences with each other, make new friends and connections.