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Season’s Greeting Message from President

Posted over 6 years ago by Inessa Shlifer

Season’s Greetings!

I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all our members.

This year was a milestone for us- we celebrated 50th Anniversary of PA Profession throughout all states and even outside of USA. We became one of the fastest growing professions in medicine and that trend continues as the shortage of doctors becomes apperent.

Once again, we are proving to be an integral part of healthcare. We are equiped with knowledge, skills and expertise to provide the best medical care to our patients. As a Profession, we are going through vigorous process of Recertification to keep up with fast paced changes in medicine. Many PA’s hold high positions as hospital administrators, researchers and leaders in academia.

U.S. News and World Report Journal, 2017 ranked PA’s as the third fastest growing in demand Profession and its not slowing down. It means that patients will have an access to a high quality health care provided by PA’s. Our education uniquely positoned us in the healthcare market- we work in all specialties and sub-specialties of Medicine. We have 26 Specialty organizations and they all represent the strength and dedication to their fields and patient care.

As a specialty Association we provide needed knowledge about practicing in Plastic Surgery to our PA Fellows and especially to PA Students. This year we conducted a Salary Survey and our members were able to look at results, which helps them to negotiate their salary with employers. This year board members decided to make some constructive changes to our website. We need to have a better exposure to other specialties and PA’s through social media and  communication with other societies. In the beginning of next year our members will receive a welcome letter with new website that will be more practical for everyone to use and benefit from.

These Holidays have a special meaning of Giving. On that note, I would like to ask each member to bring their knowledge and  expertise and donate their time to lift our Association to a different level. Help us to help other members, that join our Association to become knowledgeable Plastic Surgery PA’s, to excel at work and master their skills and maybe one day become a leader of our Association. We all know of importance to bring awareness among Plastic Surgeons of many benefits to have PA as their associate. Many of our members have been doing that for years and we are keep spreading that word at ASPS Conferences.

I would like to wish to all our members health, prosperity and joy. Let us all to have another year of professional success.

Truly yours,

Inessa Shlifer